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Typically a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, this lovely rosé is clear, light pink with a nose of ripe summer strawberries. With a creamy texture and juicy berry flavors, this is a perfect pairing for spicy bbq or Asian foods.


Wine Scores

Ben: 87

Tom: 82

Glenn: 80


The vineyards for Petroni date back to 1885 and are surrounded by the Corsican mountains to the west and the Mediterranean to the east. The winery is now in the hands of brothers Jacques and Francois Ramazotti. Like most classic rosés of this region, it is a blend of 50% Niellucciu, 35% Sciaccarellu, and 15% Grenache. How to describe Corsican rose? It is one of the finest of its kind with notes of nectarine, peach blossom, and white flowers. It is succulent with wonderful acidity and a viscous mouthfeel.


Wine Scores

Ben: 89

Tom: 89

Glenn: 89


In a time when very high quality rosés line our shelves, when pink wines from Spain, the U.S., South Africa, Italy, and all over the land of France are finally getting some much-deserved attention, we must give Tavel its special due. This is the original dedicated rosé appellation. In fact, so good is the fabled rosé from Tavel, that by law no other sort of wine can call itself Tavel! Layers of wild strawberries collide with a spicy note, a dash of citrus acidity, and so much fruit and flower aroma, it is almost too much. But then, when paired with foods of the region - fish soups, black olives, rosemary scented meats and poultry, anything combining eggplant and tomatoes - well, it is not too much at all. No, it is darn near perfect.


Wine Scores

Ben: 85

Tom: 86

Glenn: 85