Director Jonathan Kesselman & Burgundy (Fixin)

2013 Domaine denis Berthaut "Les Arvelets" Premier Cru ($40)

An upfront, easy to enjoy Fixin red with raspberry and strawberry flavors that greet you from the start. The finish is modest and the flavors do not carry through on the mid palate. Enjoy now.


Wine Scores

Ben: 84

Tom: 88

Scott: 86

Jonathan: 50

Domaine Bart is a family operation that has been a staff secret for more than a decade. The wines are good in practically any vintage, but the 2015 releases are truly remarkable. Loaded with raspberries and brambly fruit, but again with a zesty acidity and firmness from the tannins on the finish.


Wine Scores

Ben: 84

Tom: 86

Scott: 87

Jonathan: 65

2015 Domaine Bart Fixin ($32)

2014 Mongeard-Mugneret Fixin ($37)

A ripe, fresh and markedly earthy nose displays a hint of the sauvage that can also be found on the vibrant and well-detailed if lighter weight flavors that exhibit mild austerity on the acceptably persistent and complex finish.


Wine Scores

Ben: 85

Tom: 87

Scott: 87

Jonathan: 87

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